The Decreasing Price of Dent Repair

People complain about rising prices all the time - gas, food, college tuition - it seems as if prices are going up all the time while salaries seem to be going in the other direction. However, there is one cost that has been going down - the price of dent repair.

In the past decade, there has been a proliferation of business that offer minor dent repair at reasonable prices. Though major repairs are still done at traditional body shops, most minor dings and dents can be fixed at one of these businesses offering paintless dent repair. This new technology has been great for consumers who experiences minor bumper dings or dents, but don't want to pay the high cost of traditional body work.

Paintless dent repair is a viable alternative to the traditional automobile repair shop. Technicians can remove small trim pieces or inner panels from your vehicle to work on the dent from behind. They work with tools that are specially designed so the technician can work inward from the edges of the dent. This allows the dent repair specialist to manipulate and caress the dented metal back to its original form.

When paintless dent repair first was introduced to the market, technicians could only work on dents that were the size of a tennis ball or smaller. However, improvements in the tools now allow repairmen to work on dents that are as large as a football. By using an air bladder system which employs an empty nylon bladder placed between panels and then slowly inflated to gradually work out the dent and push the metal back to its original form. Automobiles made after 1995 are best suited for paintless dent removal as their metal is stronger and the paint if more flexible and pliant.

There are a few home remedies for dent removal that people may try. However, there effectiveness is questionable and, due to the availability of paintless dent removal places, there is no need to risk home repairs. Some people think that it is possible to remove a dent by using a hair dryer or dry ice, but the dent may return when the temperature of the metal cools down and the heat may also damage the paint. There is no need to fool with any home methods when you can take your vehicle to a paintless dent removal facility, and have the repair done cheaply, quickly, and correctly.

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