The New World of Paintless Dent Repair

nnovation often brings great achievements to various industries. Then, there are some industries where innovations are limited because little changes of any significance occur. Automobiles, for example, have not changed very much over the past two decades. Yes, there have been many variants on the size of the cars, the employment of bio fuels and other changes. But, what never changes is the fact that the body and frame of a car changes little from model to model and from year to year. Because of this the common means of repairing cars has not changed much either. Well, such a status quo scenario has been turned over thanks to the inclusion of paintless dent repair work. This work is a radical departure from the prior methods of repairing dents. Best of all, the most radical elements of this type of repair center on the speed in which the repair work can occur as well as the significant reduction of costs associated with paintless dent repair work. In a way, the paintless dent repair process is often considered a tremendous achievement that will continue to grow in popularity as time progresses.

But what exactly is paintless dent repair work? Basically, this is a method of dent repair that centers on molding and shaping a dent to its original position. This is done without replacing any costly parts or having to repaint significant portions of the automobile. Obviously, this keeps costs low and cuts down drastically on the amount of time needed to perform the repairs.

The process is not exactly easy to perform, but it also lacks complexity as well. In short, paintless dent repair utilizes special tools which shape the dents from the rear. This process is gentle in nature and does not involve banging or hammering the dents. As such, the dent is re-shaped without having to take any extra steps that would drive up costs and labor. In a way, paintless dent repair is a return to simplicity as opposed to undertaking a needlessly extensive repair process when the end result can be achieved in a much easier manner.

This is not to say that this is an unskilled process to undertake. In reality, paintless dent repair does require significant skill. The process takes quite a while to perfect and the need for learning the process within the framework of a formal class is required. In other words, while paintless dent repair is a much easier repair process it requires a knowledgeable hand to perform accurately. This is not a "do it yourself" repair plan by any stretch of the imagination.

The process of paintless dent repair is becoming more and more popular as more auto body shops are beginning to offer the service. Whether or not this will replace the traditional method of auto body repair remains to be seen. Then again, this matters little as long as there are enough body shops offering paintless dent repair to meet the needs of those who would wish to take part in it.

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