Dent Removal Tactics

There are many ways for vehicles to sustain dents, such as stones or road debris kicked up by passing vehicles, collisions with other vehicles or such as garage doors or kids' bicycles. Even weather can cause dents in the case of hail or wind-blown objects such as tree limbs. But no matter how the dents are sustained, there are well-developed techniques for removing them so the car or truck will appear as good as new.

The methods for dent removal depend upon several factors. The first and foremost factor is the severity of the dent. This factor also carries with it something of a cost-benefit analysis. A very severe dent which has damaged the underlying internal support structure for that car's body panel or bumper, or which has severely distorted the metal, may make repairs impossible or cost-prohibitive. In such cases the body panel or bumper needs to be replaced with a new or used piece. But most dents are repairable by a trained, skilled technician.

One of the least costly and least intrusive methods for removing dents is to use paintless dent removal methods. These methods can be used on smaller dents which have not severely damaged or chipped the paint and have not stretched the metal too severely. Sometimes the dented metal can be expertly repaired but the object which dented it has marred or chipped the paint. In such cases the paint can typically be repaired by a well-trained technician.

If a dent is too severe for non-intrusive removal methods, but not so severe that the body panel or bumper must be replaced, then traditional body working processes are utilized. This typically includes pounding out the dent from behind or drilling a small hole in the center of the dent and pulling it the dent outward using a slide-hammer. Final smoothing of the surface is achieved by using plastic or resin-based body fillers to fill in the dent, sanding the body filler flush with the surrounding surface, then priming and painting the area to blend the new paint into the old finish. This dent removal method is effective but much more costly.

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